Fundamental 5

The fundamental five steps that guide PureReinvention are your solution to real, sustainable change. This foundation is designed to help you approach every situation with openness and professional curiosity.

The Podcast

Stories about reinvention experiments, fails and wins from thinkers and doers that aren’t satisfied with business as usual. New episodes air every Monday. A podcast for curious people.

Connect: Detroit

Connect: Detroit is a professional development experience like no other. We at PureReinvention have been documenting the Detroit turnaround since 2014 and believe that Detroit is the learning laboratory for reinvention. The experience we share with you highlights the very best of our podcast work over the years.


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Meet the team that believe so strongly that sustainable change is the secret to long-term success that they harnessed their superpowers to help you make your organization – and maybe the world – a better place.

Do you think you’re ready to make a change that lasts? If you’re one of the good curious ones, these questions will satisfy your need for speculation. Ask yourself…am I reinvention ready?

Take it from us, making reinvention a way of life takes regular practice and attention. A navigator makes your progress priority uno and keeps you accountable so you will see real progress. Slackers will be nudged, prodded and kicked into action in the nicest, most professional way possible. Wanna know more?

It reinforced to me what a powerful group women can be.

Dru Mitchell Dru Mitchell