Episode 064 – Scott Rutterbush – willing to try

Episode 064 – Scott Rutterbush – willing to try

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Detroit is moving forward and today’s podcast guest is doing his part to create more momentum for the city through one of our favorite pastimes: food and drink.

Scott Rutterbush is the owner and co-founder of Dine Drink Detroit, a movement that’s bringing attention to one of the country’s most exciting emerging restaurant cultures. He sat down with us to talk about what the restaurant industry has taught him about trying new things (not just food!) and how he finds a treasure chest of experiences by taking the time to get to know all kinds of people and places.

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When you’re outside of your comfort zone it forces you to grow and find solutions you’ve never found before. Click To Tweet (8:28)

“It’s not about the comeback city, it’s the city moving forward.” (19:20)




  • Around 9:05 Scott shares an important tip about how you can learn from people and interactions in any environment.
  • Scott has taught himself to take risks and do things that might make him feel uncomfortable. At 14:25 hear how those experiences have shaped his philosophy on saying yes.



  1. Everyone and every place can teach you something if you’re open to it.
  2. Just say yes!
  3. Deliver a better customer experience by challenging yourself to understand the needs of individuals that are different than you.
  4. Talking to different people and hearing their stories gives you a treasure chest of experiences to draw from, even if you can’t put them to use right away.
  5. Stretching into unknown territory positions you for new growth.

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