Episode 123 – Kris Smith – team accountability

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Its no secret that participants in team sports often end up with an advantage when assuming leadership roles. Many of the skill sets learned on the playing field can be applied to leadership roles in the office. Listen this week as we talk to Kris Smith, director of the Detroit Sports Commission. He will share his love and passion for sports and how he and his team are working to maintain Detroit’s stature as a great destination for all kinds of sporting events.



“First in.” (5:19)


“Being accountable for not just yourself but for your teammate.” (5:39)


“We, as a team, can not win unless you do your job.” (5:44)



  • (5:55) The basic fundamentals.
  • (9:12) Getting energy from the crowd.
  • (7:12) Two way trust to inspire ownership.
  • (12:28) Making space for what’s next.


Tip of the Week

A team is only as strong as its weakest link. Build and nurture the whole team.

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