Episode 134 – Doug Small – attitude, character & enthusiasm

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Grand Rapids has had a vibe for some time and has become a prime Midwest destination in spite of not having a major sports team. This week’s guest is chief experience officer of Experience Grand Rapids, Doug Small and is the promoter in chief of this gem of a city. Doug shares his thoughts on how team building and thinking differently has built Grand Rapids to the destination it is today. Doug also shares a personal story that was a life changing event that provides a valuable lesson to all of us.



“A Collaborative pioneering smart.” (4:01)


“Attitude, character and enthusiasm.” (8:05)


“We’re willing to do differently.” (18:30)




  • (4:21) Handsome growth.
  • (5:35) Stay true to brand pillars.
  • (13:51) The responsibility of a leader to listen.


Tip of the Week

Listen to your body. Don’t ignore subtle persistent pain. It could be a signal of a bigger problem.

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