Episode 145 – Dr. Tonya Matthews – keeping it real to build a culture

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Building a culture is one of the primary responsibilities of all leaders. A major ingredient for successful cultures is authenticity and this week’s guest excels in this trait. Listen this week as we interview Dr. Tonya Matthews, president and CEO of Detroit Science Center and discuss what it takes to build a successful business culture and how nurturing authenticity plays a vital role.


“Wanting to save the world.” (3:07)


“We look at things that look nothing like us.” (4:55)


“A culture eats budget for breakfast.” (11:19)


“Understanding our part of the larger whole.” (17:08)



  • (4:55) Connect to gain the competitive advantage.
  • (9:09) Embrace and nurture authenticity.
  • (15:51) Paying forward reinvention.


Tip of the Week

There’s only one you – Be authentic and find your passion. It’s your distinct competitive advantage.




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