Episode 155 – Dr. Gerry Roston – connecting mutual value

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Dr. Gerry Roston brings an impressive resume to TechTown Detroit. He was on the Mars rover team and helped develop technologies which are making self-driving cars possible. He now brings his wealth of knowledge and connections to help TechTown Detroit excel in connecting ideas to the marketplace. Listen this week as we explore the value of connecting ideas to those we serve.



“Go to the marketplace first, try to find what pain your potential customers are having to make sure what you want to develop meets their needs.” (7:06)


“Getting people connected to the right resources is critically important.” (11:42)


“Tell me about a day in your life. Where do you struggle?” (13:15)



  • (5:35, 12:29) Customer discovery.
  • (13:06) Learning to pivot.
  • (18:23) Provide actionable information.


Tip of the Week

Connecting to your customers to find their pain points is critical to your success.


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