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Episode 154 – Lauren Kase – mutual mentorship

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Lauren Kase is a San Francisco native that stayed in Detroit after receiving her degree from the University of Michigan. She is the Head of Marketing and Partnerships at Floyd Detroit. Listen this week as we discover what attracts the millennials to Detroit, Floyd’s unique positioning in the furniture industry and the importance of mutual mentorship.




“The most sustainable thing is not throwing anything away.” (9:50)


“It’s really exciting to have people resonate with the product.” (10:56)




  • (8:40) Floyd Detroit’s definition of sustainability.
  • (9:55) The challenge of being too successful.
  • (12:03) Tap into tacit knowledge.


Tip of the Week

Mentorship is a two-way street.


Episode 153 – the importance of connect

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We kick off the month of December with this month’s co-host Lauren Snyder, Marketing and Communications Specialist, American Hort and recent STARTERS graduate. This episode discusses the exciting line up we have in December as well as engaging discussion on how the connect fundamental works in the PureReinvention process.




“The idea of connection transcends so many aspects of success.” (2:26)


“They (TechTown) connect the right conversations, with the right people at the right time.” (5:16)




  • (2:14) The importance of connect.
  • (2:41) The epitome of the young person’s ability to connect.
  • (5:00) Connecting to influence technology and innovation.

Tip of the Week

Build a network of mentors to connect your ideas and passion to the right people.


Episode 152 – connect with inspiration

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The holiday season is a time for reflection. Now is the time to think about how we are going to approach the next year. Make some space to think about how you want to continue to move yourself forward. How are you going to approach 2018? We are encouraging you to install some kind of sabbatical in your plans. It doesn’t have to be months or weeks. It simply needs to be some kind of installed time to assess where you are and to think about what’s next. Install time and think and experience something new.




“Make space.” (2:01)


“We need to be refreshed.” (6:02)



  • (1:24) The importance of a sabbatical.
  • (3:00) Introduce the sabbatical concept into your life.
  • (4:22) Connect with inspiration.

Tip of the Week

Take some time this holiday season to plan out 2018. Install some opportunities for a personal sabbatical in which you experience something different.


Episode 151 – Marlin Williams – the personal sabbatical

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Marlin Williams has found her calling in helping to diversify industries. Marlin’s path to where she is now is amazing. She started as a mortician, implemented diversity programs for a couple Fortune 500 industries and now lends her talents to TechTown Detroit. She is also the founder of Sisters Code, which is dedicated to exposing women from the ages of 25-85 to the world of coding and technology. Her story is inspiring and we’re glad she took the time to share it with us!




“Come talk to us.” (4:33)


“It’s all about empowerment.” (11:26)


“Be prepared to reinvent yourself.” (15:54)




  • (3:20) The open door policy.
  • (10:05) Getting others engaged.
  • (12:32, 14:04) Understanding your core.
  • (14:33) Hone in on the why with a life sabbatical.


Tip of the Week

Feeling lost and confused? Taking a personal sabbatical may be what you need to assess what you need to do moving forward.



Episode 150 – Melissa Butler – the infliction of arbitrary deadlines

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We had so many gems from our talk with Melissa Butler, that we had to make two episodes! The first episode can be heard here. In this episode, Melissa discusses how she started The Lip Bar and her advice to would be entrepreneurs out there.




“If you don’t like your situation, change it.” (6:21)


“Don’t rush it … Launch with something that is electric.” (11:58)


“Reinvention leaders have to tie whatever they’re doing to the bigger story.” (18:49)



  • (3:54) From Detroit to Wall Street and back.
  • (9:21) Knowing when to quit.
  • (11:43, 16:30) The infliction of arbitrary deadlines.
  • (13:35) Shift in American dream.


Tip of the Week

Don’t rush a project to market to meet self-imposed deadlines.