Episode 136 – what’s your word?

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We have a couple of exciting interviews lined up in August and a new co-host! Join Mike and Bonnifer Ballard, Executive Director, Michigan Section of the American Water Works Association, as they discuss how simplifying the message is important in securing support for a cause.




“Being able to tell a story in a very simple and clear way is very important.” (1:38)


“Embracing change: Learning to be flexible and deal with chaos.” (10:01)



Lessons Learned from the Michigan Municipal League:

  • (2:38) How they tackle really big ideas in a simple way.
  • (3:01) Their one word: place making.
  • (5:15) Bringing the board along.


Tip of the Week

What’s your word? What is your very simple phrase to help people understand why you’re in business?


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