Connecting things in unexpected ways is how your reinvention mission really comes to life. Listen for more on why connecting is fundamental to PureReinvention.

be curious

Fundamental 4: Connect

The first three fundamentals are all about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful. Next you need to dust off your imagination to come up with new and different ways to connect your ideas to deliverables.

The ideas that make you cringe and sigh are exactly the possibilities you should be exploring.

The more out-there or overwhelming the ideas seem at first, the higher the probability that you're on the road to uncovering something truly unique, exciting and sticky.

To make these new connections, try taking a curious approach to traditional systems. Shifting away from obligatory answer-providing to thoughtful question-posing pushes you and your team to find more creative solutions. The magic is in the space that asking questions creates.

A lot of the answers to what associations and business are looking for are already inside, we just have to connect them in very different ways.

Fail to Succeed

Not all of your connections are going to be home runs. And that's okay because there is huge value in failing. Failure informs your connections in ways you can't predict. It also reduces uncertainty and provides indicators on whether to pursue, alter or abandon your action plan.

Most importantly, as you connect ideas to the users and begin to make decisions about your unique value, you must remain steadfast in your commitment to a reinvention lifestyle. Especially in this stage it's easy to default to traditional approaches. Continually weighing each idea against the fundamentals positions your organization for new growth opportunities.