Hit play to hear why keeping it simple is fundamental to the PureReinvention process.

Make It Simple

Fundamental 3: Simplify

In the PureReinvention process, simplify is the third fundamental to remind reinventors to apply thoughtful reduction to possible solutions.

A process or methodology usually gets more complex over time. When a difficulty or new condition pops up, countermeasures are typically added to avoid the discomfort that the problem caused. Not using simple solutions slows everything down.

An easy starting point for simplification is to get rid of empty rules and low-value activities.

Say goodbye to time-wasters. How many people need to review and sign off on expense reports or small purchases? How many times are your members shuffled from staffer to staffer before they get an answer? If you can shed a layer or two of basic tasks, you will create bandwidth to focus on more substantial simplification opportunities.

There are so many options, so much you can add to make things bigger, better and faster, that it's easy to forget to simplify.

Practice Safe Simplification

It’s critical at this stage to establish a safe place where no question is off limits, no possibility too far outside the norm. In simplify mode you have to fearlessly question the assumptions on which your organization operates. When you are working toward creating sustainable change, you have to break down long-held conventions. Every idea, theory and method should be stripped back to its most basic state and analyzed for new angles and connections.