Movement launches reinvention into your universe. Listen to why it's fundamental to move.

Not That Way

Fundamental 5: Move

To lead sustainable change, a reinventor has to create a movement, or rather, many movements. You need to move and be moved.

Whether it’s closing the sale, designing a product or creating an unforgettable experience, if you want a reinvented outcome you have to move ideas into action.

Real change is achieved by delivering on whatever it is you said you were going to do.

All of the other PureReinvention fundamentals establish the momentum for your reinvention movement. A movement takes form when you have a group of people rallying behind an idea, or a mission.

When reinvention becomes systematized into your daily routine, you will be riding the waves of what’s new and what’s next instead of drowning in a puddle because you didn’t - or couldn’t - move.

Your mission is to build in the necessary behaviors so that you are constantly applying and reapplying the five fundamentals that lead to a reinvention lifestyle.

Keep it Movin'

This fundamental reminds you to analyze the results of your reinvention experiments and decide when it’s time to dig deeper, change direction or pull the plug. The key here is to always keep moving.

When the results are not what you’d hoped, or you are up against a deadline, it’s necessary to evaluate the situation honestly and identify where freeing up mental and physical resources can give you the space to try another approach.

It’s ok to pause and reassess, but don’t get stuck in one spot for too long. Even if you misstep and move in the wrong direction--which will happen from time to time--just recalibrate and proceed from a new angle.