Listen to Mike Bills talk about disruption, the first fundamental in the PureReinvention process.

Plot Twist

Fundamental 1: Disrupt

Most people know when something isn't quite right, but few know what to do in that situation.

The next time you have the nagging feeling that something needs to change, try finding a way to disrupt the circumstances at hand.

This doesn’t necessarily mean topple the apple cart, although there is a time and place for everything.

Push boundaries by demonstrating a willingness to reimagine some of your organization’s most fundamental assumptions about products, membership and business models. Try disruption with a purpose. Purposefully disrupting the status quo creates an opportunity for growth.

In the reinvention process, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Ask Yourself...

What isn’t sitting quite right? When your organization is stuck in the static start tuning in to different frequencies. How are your board relationships? What’s going on with the staff? Are your members happy with the services you are providing? Questions like these help you adjust your dial to find a clear signal. During this time it’s normal to feel disconnected and uncertain about where to go from here. That vulnerability is fertile ground for reinvention. Intentionally disrupting the present conditions gives you the opportunity to control some of what happens next.