Reinvention Ready


If you landed here you probably already feel the discomfort of doing the same things on repeat with little to no change in the outcome. Find out if you’re ready to make a change that lasts by honestly answering the following questions.


  • Is my organization staying current with the times?
  • Am I happy with my organization’s revenue and/or membership numbers?
  • Do I work in a place where opposing views are welcome?
  • Do the key stakeholders truly understand the issues facing the organization?


  • Is my vision of the desired outcome(s) clear?
  • Are all of the key stakeholders on board?
  • Does our culture create the space for people to step up and be accountable?
  • Are the right people taking responsibility for the major issues that we face?


  • Can I write down the organization’s core competencies right now?
  • Do I know what makes us stand out?
  • Does my organization have a leadership structure that reflects the membership?
  • Do I regularly question how we do things and why?


  • Are we testing our ideas on our audience?
  • Are failures embraced as learning opportunities in my organization?
  • Do I know the major collaborators – individual and organizational – within the industry?
  • Am I clear on my definition of success?


  • Are the right people aligned with the right responsibilities?
  • Is the organization delivering unique yet relevant value to the membership?
  • Am I analyzing results and reaching our goals?
  • Are key stakeholders looking for your organization’s next big thing?

If you had more nopes and not reallys than confident yeahs and yeses, PureReinvention may be what you’re looking for!