Listen to Mike and Misty talk about fundamental two in the PureReinvention process.

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Fundamental 2: Own

The PureReinvention process begins with a disruption in the system. But disruption can quickly lead to chaos if no one is there to own it.

Disruption without ownership is -- as you have probably experienced -- incredibly counterproductive.

The real reason to disrupt something is to throw it off center so you can guide it through the fray and into new territory.

Owning the chaos caused by disruption of any type forces you to understand the problem - and motivates you to find a solution.

It’s kind of like untangling a big knot. You have to find a loose end and follow it through, over and under the mess until you can begin to see how the mess unfolds. When you are faced with a big knot, you know that ultimately you want to end up with one long piece of string. If you have a clear vision for where you want to end up, you will be more empowered to own the actions that will get you to where you want to be.

Everybody has a lot of ideas, but a select few do something about them.

-Dirk Millman, board member, Michigan Press Association

It takes courage

There is a degree of risk that may feel uncomfortable to you because ownership means accountability and expectation. This discomfort is what pushes you toward reinvention. You are more driven, more innovative, when you are outside of your comfort zone. Staying comfortable leads to just going through the motions and doing the minimum, or worse, stagnating. And you wouldn’t be here if you were interested in staying the same.

When you fully embrace ownership the line between fault and responsibility blurs. While you're working through the reinvention process you'll more than likely find yourself cleaning up messes that you didn't make, which can be frustrating. If you're in that position, remember this: fault is backward-looking, and responsibility is forward-looking. Fixating on blame delays the opportunity to take corrective action and gets in the way of learning. When plans go awry--and that will happen--learn from the experience, take ownership and get on with it.