Connect: Detroit

Do what’s REAL.


A one-day experience for high-achieving executives and business leaders to learn in the real-life learning laboratory that is Detroit’s renaissance and resurgence.



  • Real executives
  • Real-life problems
  • Real case studies
  • Real discoveries
  • Real solutions
  • Real and lasting connections

Immerse yourself into the undeniable professional benefits of exploring the connections between people, places, and ideas. The Detroit reinvention story offers real and powerful takeaways on how to disrupt paradigms and create opportunities out of anything.


Three Connection Choices


Each one of the three connection options takes you on an in-person tour de force of some of the biggest disruptions and success stories in Detroit.


Connecting People

Focus: The importance of connecting people from
diverse backgrounds to advance new goals.

Connecting Places

Focus: The necessity of connecting places and geographies to build stronger communities.

Connecting Ideas

Focus: The opportunities in synergizing ideas and ownership to create project momentum.

Five TED-Style Talks


No “professional speakers” here (or PowerPoints for that matter).

Only real individuals with a reinvention story backed by the grit and experience to tell the tale. Your peers will share their experiences of addressing disruption, leading change, and finding success – all to get you thinking about “the why” of why leaders like you are never satisfied with the status quo.


The Power Download


Led by Team PureReinvention and our resident “futurist,” we’ll engage in a discussion that elicits new perspectives, individual insights, and imaginative ideas of what comes next for businesses on a journey of growth and reinvention.



Ten Takeaways


  1. Immersive experience in the Detroit reinvention story that you won’t get anywhere else
  2. Direct applications to your own personal and professional reinvention stories
  3. Fundamental understanding of the PureReinvention “Connect” principle and how it moves solutions forward with tangible examples
  4. Networking and knowledge from peers across both non-profit and for-profit sectors
  5. New perspectives on environmental scanning, situational analysis, and workforce management
  6. Exposure to strategic thinkers solving real-life problems at municipal, non-profit, and for-profit levels
  7. Application of business analysis principles and PureReinvention’s “Fundamental 5”
  8. Unique approaches to stakeholder engagement and application to individual situations
  9. Engagement with leaders and peers of all kinds from all backgrounds and styles
  10. Empowerment to continue – or start – your own reinvention journey with practical steps and solutions for success

"I’m really excited about Connect: Detroit and the concept of diving into case studies that are currently going on in the city.  It gives us something real and meaningful to sink our teeth into as executives.”


-Bonnifer Ballard, Executive Director, Michigan Chapter - American Waterworks Association

Connect: Detroit Planning Committee Member

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Join in on the real conversations happening at the most innovative businesses today. We’ll take you out of the classroom and into the learning lab of Detroit for face-to-face interactions with some of today’s most inspiring and determined movers and shakers. This is your opportunity to take a meaningful leap in your own professional development and reinvention story.


‘REAL’ matters. Start your journey today with Connect: Detroit.

Hurry! This experience is limited to 50 sharp and ambitious business leaders.



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