Episode 095 – Short – Connect with Carrie Ramirez

Episode 095 – Short – Connect with Carrie Ramirez

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Connect is the most multifaceted fundamental in PureReinvention. This week’s short follows up on Carrie Ramirez’s blog on connect and provides us with some insight on how to connect people, actions and opportunities.




“See the web of connections” (5:10)


“The only way to beat your enemy is to know them so well that you can love them.” (6:13)


“I can take my skills and my strengths and maximize those and minimize my weaknesses because I’ve balanced them out with someone else who has the strengths I don’t have.” (6:54)






How we make connect our best weapon through the web of connections:

  • (5:29) People
  • (7:29) Actions
  • (8:44) Opportunity


Tip of the week


Do a self-evaluation before taking action. In what way will you make a difference? Who will you reach out to? What actions will you connect between you and them? What are the opportunities? 

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