Episode 062 – Marlowe Stoudamire – from a life of ambition to a life of passion

Episode 062 – Marlowe Stoudamire – from a life of ambition to a life of passion

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Marlowe Stoudamire created a project in Detroit, for Detroit, that has piqued the interest of a much broader audience.

In this episode, listen to the Founder and Chief Engagement Strategist of Butterfly Effect Detroit tell the story of why he transitioned from a high-paying corporate job to a social catalyst that activates forward movement in the City of Detroit. Marlowe is out to change the future of Detroit by making a difference today.



“Real change happens when you get everyone moving in the same direction, mobilizing them.”  (5:02)


“It’s not always a rosy picture, but that doesn’t mean we stop trying, that doesn’t mean we stop working together. The momentum is important.” (13:30)



  • Jump to 7:56 to hear Marlowe describe a very personal metamorphosis that led him to realize that he wanted more meaning behind his work.
  • At 11:18 Marlow talks about his involvement with the Detroit Historical Society’s project, Detroit 1967: Looking Back to Move Forward (http://www.detroit1967.org/about/), an initiative to transform the culture in Detroit today to shape its future.



  1. Invite your customers to listen, be heard. participate and take action.
  2. There’s no value in having knowledge without sharing it.
  3. Offer multiple opportunities for your audience to participate with your organization.
  4. Build for the future.
  5. Put yourself in situations that force you to collide with different people and ways of thinking.

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