Reinvention Retreats


A Reinvention Retreat is the answer to what to do with your staff development budget that’s new and engaging and doesn’t suck. This reinvented take on corporate retreats and team building will have everyone involved feeling refreshed and ready to approach their work with a new attitude.

To make a difference, you have to make a change.

A Customized Experience

Treat your staff to an out-of-office experience and reap the benefits of a recharged and refreshed team. Contact us to talk about what you need, when you need it and why so we can deliver a completely personalized event for your team. Ideal for groups of 10-20, costs vary.

Take it from us
In this clip, Mike explains why we developed Reinvention Retreats and how they can help you build a stronger, change-driven team. (episode 054, 6:40)