Episode 151 – Marlin Williams – the personal sabbatical

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Marlin Williams has found her calling in helping to diversify industries. Marlin’s path to where she is now is amazing. She started as a mortician, implemented diversity programs for a couple Fortune 500 industries and now lends her talents to TechTown Detroit. She is also the founder of Sisters Code, which is dedicated to exposing women from the ages of 25-85 to the world of coding and technology. Her story is inspiring and we’re glad she took the time to share it with us!




“Come talk to us.” (4:33)


“It’s all about empowerment.” (11:26)


“Be prepared to reinvent yourself.” (15:54)




  • (3:20) The open door policy.
  • (10:05) Getting others engaged.
  • (12:32, 14:04) Understanding your core.
  • (14:33) Hone in on the why with a life sabbatical.


Tip of the Week

Feeling lost and confused? Taking a personal sabbatical may be what you need to assess what you need to do moving forward.



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