Episode 153 – the importance of connect

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We kick off the month of December with this month’s co-host Lauren Snyder, Marketing and Communications Specialist, American Hort and recent STARTERS graduate. This episode discusses the exciting line up we have in December as well as engaging discussion on how the connect fundamental works in the PureReinvention process.




“The idea of connection transcends so many aspects of success.” (2:26)


“They (TechTown) connect the right conversations, with the right people at the right time.” (5:16)




  • (2:14) The importance of connect.
  • (2:41) The epitome of the young person’s ability to connect.
  • (5:00) Connecting to influence technology and innovation.

Tip of the Week

Build a network of mentors to connect your ideas and passion to the right people.


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