Episode 161 – Connect: Detroit – A professional development opportunity like no other

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We are so excited to announce the launch of a professional development opportunity like no other. Connect: Detroit will be a one day experience in Detroit on May 22. This experience is designed for high functioning executives who are interested in rolling up their sleeves, feeling a little uncomfortable and experiencing the reinvention that is happening in Detroit. With Connect: Detroit, you’ll have an opportunity to immerse yourself in the many success stories that Detroit has to offer and learn how you can take those experiences home with you and apply them to your personal success story. This week’s podcast is a discussion between Mike Bills and Bonnifer Ballard (Executive Director – American Water Works Association – Michigan Chapter) on how Connect: Detroit came to be and what excites them about sharing this experience with others.




“Be all in.” (2:14)


“The best things happen when we’re a little uncomfortable.” (5:43)


“Reflection is a part of professional development.” (7:13)




  • (2:14) The role of empathy.
  • (3:45) The value of unpredictability.
  • (8:02) Creating accountability.


Tip of the Week

If you do the same things, you get the same results. If you’re not happy with those results, try something different.


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