Episode 166 – motivate to move

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Mike talks with this month’s co-host, PureReinvention’s very own Jodi Schafer, owner, HRM Services, Inc. Mike and Jodi discuss how Jodi is moving her company forward as well as discuss the March line up of interviews that we have in store for you.




“Knowing what you want to do and then having the courage to do it is really where the fruit starts to comes to life.” (1:08)



  • (1:14) Key elements of move.
  • (3:14) Have a measure of courage.
  • (5:53) Expecting growth to take place.


Tip of the Week

Knowing what you want is only part of the equation. It’s the courage to move that idea forward that makes the success.



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  1. I’m not sure it is courage to move an idea forward that leads to success. There are many examples where people have been courageously led in the wrong direction. Clarity is much more valuable than courage. Courage provides a surge of energy to push forward and act right away. Clarity requires that we assess needs, limitations, and opportunities in order to understand how and when to respond effectively. Courage serves in the short term. Clarity lasts and expands over the long run.

    Courage tends to be an individual trait. Clarity grows with inclusion and connection. Courage runs past or wades through obstruction. Clarity seeks to understand and adapt to obstacles so they don’t interfere in the future. Courage thrives on will, which can wear down over time. Clarity requires balance, which allows us to be authentic – something that never wears out. Courage tends to narrow focus. Clarity asks questions, seeks understanding, and provides the awareness and flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. Courage drives. Clarity sees.

    Bob Van Oosterhout

    March 5, 2018

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