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Episode 146 – Steve Widder – quantum growth extraordinaire

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Steve Widder built the Susan G. Komen Mid-Michigan Race for the Cure in Lansing into a major event with over 6000 runners in his heyday. Steve shares his thoughts with us on how to understand an audience. He also shares with us his passion for biking and his recent travels to France to take on challenging legs of the Tour de France.


“Understand your audience.” (5:22)


“Make a grand spectacle at the beginning.” (9:27)


“I’ve been wanting to do this. This is my best chance. I’ve never gotten this far before and I’ve gotta go.” (20:29)


“Three times I didn’t make it. The fourth one I’m gonna do it.” (20:44)


  • (4:50) Growth stride and creating a community.
  • (11:29) Leader philosophy of being all in.
  • (20:58) Overcome self-doubt.


Successful products or programs address immediate pain points people face. Connect with your target audience and know what motivates and hinders them.


Episode 145 – Dr. Tonya Matthews – keeping it real to build a culture

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Building a culture is one of the primary responsibilities of all leaders. A major ingredient for successful cultures is authenticity and this week’s guest excels in this trait. Listen this week as we interview Dr. Tonya Matthews, president and CEO of Detroit Science Center and discuss what it takes to build a successful business culture and how nurturing authenticity plays a vital role.


“Wanting to save the world.” (3:07)


“We look at things that look nothing like us.” (4:55)


“A culture eats budget for breakfast.” (11:19)


“Understanding our part of the larger whole.” (17:08)



  • (4:55) Connect to gain the competitive advantage.
  • (9:09) Embrace and nurture authenticity.
  • (15:51) Paying forward reinvention.


Tip of the Week

There’s only one you – Be authentic and find your passion. It’s your distinct competitive advantage.




Episode 144 – the energy behind connect

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October starts our focus on the connect fundamental of the PureReinvention process. We can’t think of a better person who personifies connect like this month’s co-host, Erin Patten, Director of Retail and Marketing, Pony Ride. Listen as Mike and Erin discuss this month’s interviews and how Erin uses the connect fundamental in advancing the mission of her organization.




“Part of the connection is intentionality.” (7:25)



  • (3:04) The energy behind connect.
  • (5:49) The importance of patience.
  • (7:12) Sustainable energy.


Tip of the Week

Building a vibrant network takes patience. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not getting immediate results for your efforts




Episode 143 – the culture of growth

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The end of September brings to an end our focus on the simplify fundamental of the PureReinvention process. We thought we would leave you with a short episode with our co-host Anita Quillen, CEO of Quillen Holdings, talking about tips she uses to simplify her management and personal life and how she balances both of them.



“Control your fear so it doesn’t consume you.” (8:18)


  • (0:28) Next generation thought for employers.
  • (8:56) The culture of growth.
  • (10:04) Use time for yourself to enhance.



Tip of the Week

Rarely can you perfectly balance work and personal obligations on any given day. One or the other demands more attention. Give yourself permission to focus on one that needs your immediate attention and then make up the other so that they even out over time.


Episode 142 – Melissa Butler – buying what you believe

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Melissa Butler is a dynamic person. We met her when touring Pony Ride with our spring STARTERS program. She is the founder and CEO of The Lip Bar. She was on Shark Tank and although they didn’t get funded, they got tremendous exposure and Melissa had the ability to take advantage of the added interest in her product. Her marketing shatters all traditional molds for beauty products and she knows her target audience so well that she’s named her and knows what she does on any given day. We got so much from Melissa that we broke the interview into two parts. The second part will be released later this fall. Both podcasts are inspiring!


“You’re not just selling products, you’re selling yourself. You’re selling a story.” (4:52)


“People don’t buy what you sell, they buy what you believe.” (10:45)


  • (4:52) Basics of brand loyalty.
  • (6:40) Craft a compelling story (The Why).
  • (14:20) How to tell the story.
  • (15:41) Build a profile of your customer.


Tip of the Week

Simplify your marketing by developing a persona of your target market. Think about that person when creating your promotional materials.