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Episode 125 – start with the end in mind

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Mike and co-host Dru Mitchell of the Clinton County Economic Alliance wrap up May’s topic of ownership at the personal level. Dru and Mike discuss Steven Covey’s principle of “start with the end in mind” and discuss how you can take this principle to advance you personal life and/or career.



“Owning what you want to accomplish drives the direction you go in.” (2:35)


“Professional and personal curiosity is huge.” (3:52)


“It is the diversity of individuals that you surround yourself with that will help guide you. You just need to listen.” (8:42)



  • (1:08) Confidence with knowing the end game.
  • (3:16) Leadership behaviors that encourage one’s ability to hit new marks.
  • (5:26) Questions to ask yourself if you’re not moving forward.
  • (8:15) You can’t be hesitant to try something different.


Tip of the Week

Identify where you want to be before moving forward.

Episode 124 – Danielle Smith – managed risk taking

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Entrepreneurs take risks – That’s a given, but as we learn from Danielle Smith, owner of Detroit Maid, you can manage that risk. Listen to the steps she took to take control of her future, overcome her fears and make the entrepreneurial plunge.




“Fear of failure can be paralyzing.” (9:16)


“A combination of articulating that vision and putting yourself in a space to be around people that will support it is really crucial.” (14:04)




  • (6:03) Owning the idea and taking the methodical approach.
  • (11:15) At the tipping point.
  • (13:05) Leverage a robust support network.



Tip of the Week

Manage your risk by building a support network of friends who are knowledgeable and aren’t afraid to tell you what they think.

Episode 123 – Kris Smith – team accountability

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Its no secret that participants in team sports often end up with an advantage when assuming leadership roles. Many of the skill sets learned on the playing field can be applied to leadership roles in the office. Listen this week as we talk to Kris Smith, director of the Detroit Sports Commission. He will share his love and passion for sports and how he and his team are working to maintain Detroit’s stature as a great destination for all kinds of sporting events.



“First in.” (5:19)


“Being accountable for not just yourself but for your teammate.” (5:39)


“We, as a team, can not win unless you do your job.” (5:44)



  • (5:55) The basic fundamentals.
  • (9:12) Getting energy from the crowd.
  • (7:12) Two way trust to inspire ownership.
  • (12:28) Making space for what’s next.


Tip of the Week

A team is only as strong as its weakest link. Build and nurture the whole team.

Episode 122 – that champion can be you!

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Taking ownership (responsibility) of your life is key to your personal success. Taking ownership of your role in your organization is key to your professional success. The PureReinvention Project will spend the month of May exploring how you can take ownership of your future, regardless of your current position in life.

We launch our inaugural STARTERS conference on May 4-5. It’s not too late to get in on the ground floor and learn about how you can lean from the Detroit experience. Call (517)449-0457 to reserve your seat!



“That champion can be you.” (9:36)


“Select and move things forward.” (10:42)



  • (3:45) Knowing what to move forward first.
  • (6:10) Why own?
  • (7:46) Elements of owning.


Tip of the Week

Passion makes all the difference. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, take a step back and find out what stirs your passion.


Episode 121 – putting your name on the line

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Mike and Jodi wrap up April discussing ownership in the non-profit sector. Whether you’re the CEO, serving on the board or have a staff position, it’s important to the success of the organization that you own your role and take responsibility for the outcomes. Not only will this benefit the organization, it also will help you in advancing your professional journey as well!



“Putting your name on the line.” (2:22)


“Picking your head up. Charting your own course.” (6:59)


“Together we can.” (8:54)




  • (1:30) The paradox of owning.
  • (2:43) A key characteristic of emerging leaders.
  • (3:55) Rewrite the outcome.
  • (5:05) The excitement of ownership.
  • (7:20) Gaining buy in.



You will doom a project if no one is responsible for its progress and outcome.