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Episode 138 – Dan Gilmartin – expanding the rolodex to think big

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If you want to see someone who lives the “what’s next?” mantra, look no further than Dan Gilmartin of the Michigan Municipal League. The Michigan Municipal League has received national attention for its placemaking approach to community building and isn’t resting on its laurels. Listen as Dan explains how he’s given license by his board and stakeholders to think big and how he’s building the team to execute on this expanded vision.




“You’ve gotta leave time for people to reflect a little bit.” (7:21)


“Innovate . . . Standardize . . . Optimize. (7:55)



  • (5:12) Pioneering thought on your 2.0.
  • (7:21) Identify your singular role.
  • (13:25) Expand your rolodex.


Tip of the Week

Make sure you’re executing on your current mission well before expanding your part of the pie.



Episode 137 – Summer Minnick – running without expectations

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Summer Minnick has achieved high levels of success through drive and planning. Unfortunately, even the best-laid plans can’t prepare you for everything. Summer shares her experiences on how several unexpected turns of events affected her and how she turned these situations into positive outcomes.



“Everybody likes an element of control.” (5:56)


“You know you can finish. You’ve done this a bazillion times. Just go do it. When you have to walk, just walk and get through it.” (14:47)


“I had let go of all my expectations and preconceived outcomes and just decided I would just run.” (15:42)


  • (3:11) The importance of the unexpected.
  • (3:28) Doubling up bundles of joy; adjusting to disruption.
  • (6:24) Running the distance to break the 4-hour barrier.
  • (11:52) Alternative goals.
  • (15:15) Crossing the finish line at 3:53:11.


Tip of the Week

Adjust and relax if your plan isn’t working out.



Episode 136 – what’s your word?

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We have a couple of exciting interviews lined up in August and a new co-host! Join Mike and Bonnifer Ballard, Executive Director, Michigan Section of the American Water Works Association, as they discuss how simplifying the message is important in securing support for a cause.




“Being able to tell a story in a very simple and clear way is very important.” (1:38)


“Embracing change: Learning to be flexible and deal with chaos.” (10:01)



Lessons Learned from the Michigan Municipal League:

  • (2:38) How they tackle really big ideas in a simple way.
  • (3:01) Their one word: place making.
  • (5:15) Bringing the board along.


Tip of the Week

What’s your word? What is your very simple phrase to help people understand why you’re in business?


Episode 135 – lessons learned from simplification

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The PureReinvention team wraps up July discussing lessons learned from our guests this month. Simplification is very important in messaging and in serving customer needs. Organizations that focus on the customer experience and successfully communicate that are better positioned to thrive in this new economy. Listen as PureReinvention team members Mike Bills and Will Carlson discuss these lessons and reflect on how taking time to simplify complex issues is vital to advancing your mission.




“The simplification concept, for most people, becomes the pivot point.” (3:29)




  • (0:44) Getting ready to simplify.
  • (3:29) Lessons learned from simplification.


Tip of the Week

Successful solutions are almost always the simple ones.

Episode 134 – Doug Small – attitude, character & enthusiasm

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Grand Rapids has had a vibe for some time and has become a prime Midwest destination in spite of not having a major sports team. This week’s guest is chief experience officer of Experience Grand Rapids, Doug Small and is the promoter in chief of this gem of a city. Doug shares his thoughts on how team building and thinking differently has built Grand Rapids to the destination it is today. Doug also shares a personal story that was a life changing event that provides a valuable lesson to all of us.



“A Collaborative pioneering smart.” (4:01)


“Attitude, character and enthusiasm.” (8:05)


“We’re willing to do differently.” (18:30)




  • (4:21) Handsome growth.
  • (5:35) Stay true to brand pillars.
  • (13:51) The responsibility of a leader to listen.


Tip of the Week

Listen to your body. Don’t ignore subtle persistent pain. It could be a signal of a bigger problem.