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Episode 176 – Chrissy Siders – It Started With Me

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My journey is not a fairytale journey, I think by any means. And I think that’s where my kind of explains to you somewhere I guess I saw some things, and I wanted to do some things differently.

It Started With Me

But most of that started with me. Because at that point in time in my life I started saying so what’s in it for me what’s in it for Chrissy. So what’s the next step, right? So I got my degree. I’m ready to go like I want to be a director. I want to be a VP –  let’s let’s do it!


But that didn’t come. And so I remember sitting there and I asked for promotions. I wrote really great letters that said why I should have been promoted. All of which got turned down by the CEO who just left – who is like my dad to me- an amazing man who really helped to build the character and me to help me transition into the CEO role.


But he turned me down many, many times and I remember walking out of his office going back. I felt like  I know nothing and I don’t know what he’s talking about.  I certainly deserve to be promoted. This is the next step.


I remember one day I came home and I was talking to my husband. I said  “I just don’t get it. I love the credit union. I absolutely am in love with the industry and what the Credit Union Industry stands for. I love the people I work with, but it’s just not fitting, I am I missing something.

An Attitude of Service Made All The Difference

That’s when I kind of (figuratively) got smacked in the face by my husband (he’s very good to me) and he said, and it was it was you – it’s you, Chrissy. You’re the problem. You’re always looking for that self serving purpose. You’re looking for the what’s in it for Chrissy and what’s next for Chrissy. You’re not thinking about how do you go into that place every day and serve to exist or exist to serve others? And i remember going, oh my gosh, like that’s the point that I’m missing, I’m in a service industry, but I’m meant to be a servant to the people that I’m working with and working for and the people that I was leading at that time.

Episode 175 – taking our own advice

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We are taking our own advice and we are going to take a hiatus from producing weekly podcasts at PureReinvention. We have a big event coming up (Connect: Detroit on May 22 – there’s still time to register)  and all of us here feel that we need to take a step back and assess how we can best build and present future content in more digestible and diverse ways. In order to make that happen, we need to take the advice we give so freely and take a timeout to assess how we can best create and convey future content to you.

We meet and get inspired by many people in our PureReinvention journey and we will continue to share their stories with you. Audio podcasts will certainly play a role, but we want to add to the mix through other means of communication by adding video and blogs. We want to keep things fresh and present the content to you in a way that entertains as well as useful to you.

In the meantime, tell us what you think. What do you like about our podcasts? What would you like to see changed? This is an invitation to connect with us. We certainly would love to hear from you! Stay tuned to this channel for future updates and remember, if you’re ready to make a change, make it a change that lasts, make it PureReinvention!




“If you’re ready to make a change, make it a change that lasts. Make it PureReinvention.” (10:31)



  • (2:00) A pivotal moment for PureReinvention.
  • (5:30) Stepping into simplification.


Episode 174 – Check In Michigan: a reinvention story

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Want to see reinvention in action? Look no further than the former Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association (now Check In Michigan). They have a new and innovative executive director and a board that is dedicated to serving the next generation in the Michigan hospitality industry. They hired the firm, Advance 360 to help guide them through the initial stage of this transition. Learn how reinvention ready organizations commence sustainable reinvention.




“It’s not a linear process by any means.” (9:07)


“Yes, the landscape is changing, but our role and how we champion this industry hasn’t changed.” (12:59)


“(Aspiration) It’s not a dream state. It’s a destination that we have our eye and finger on.” (14:55)



  • (7:29) The feeling. The brand took flight.
  • (10:22) Serious movement.
  • (13:36) Engaging the marketplace.
  • (14:59) Synchronizing collaboration.
  • (18:16) Sifting through the raw data.


Tip of the Week

A brand is more than a logo. A brand expresses the organizational culture.



Episode 173 – the four pillars of reinvention readiness

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The interviews we conducted this month profiled success stories in reinvention readiness. Both Erin Patten and Dene Westbrook were ready to take the reinvention plunge. What did they have in common? We believe that they both had the four pillars of reinvention readiness: desire, curiosity, flexibility and confidence.

Everything begins with a desire to change your situation. Both Erin and Dene surrounded themselves with people who inspired them and pushed them to take the next step.

Both Dene and Erin also had Curiosity. A reinvention journey thrives on curiosity. They asked lots of questions and went outside their respective comfort zones.

They also showed flexibility. Successful reinvention only happens when you stretch your flexibility. You have to listen to the people you’ve surrounded yourself with and keep all options open.

Finally, both showed confidence. Once they did their homework, got a support group and they moved forward with the plan.


Want some help in your reinvention journey? Download this infographic which can serve as a bookmark or an image you can keep by your desk.






“(0:44) “Are you willing to take on a new role?”


“(5:11) “The power of taking pause.”


  • (0:31) Flexibility.
  • (2:59) Curiosity.
  • (4:40) Confidence.
  • (7:41) Desire.


Tip of the Week

Confidence is the fourth pillar of reinvention readiness. Rely on your support group and plan to give you the added boost you need to move things forward.



Episode 172 – Erin Patten – defying all odds

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Erin Patten is very accomplished with a Harvard business degree and a Kresge Fellow highlighting her impressive resume. She walked away from the standard career path to chase her dream of being an entrepreneur. In January 2018 she launched DaO Detroit. DaO stands for “defy all odds” and Erin personifies that sentiment.




“[My big leap] A natural progression of my career journey, my life journey. It just had to happen.” (3:21)


“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” –Lao Tzu (6:33)


  • (2:56) Disrupting one’s economic livelihood and thriving beyond fear.
  • (4:59) Simplify your messaging.
  • (10:04, 11:47) Connecting to the marketplace.


Tip of the Week

Flexibility is the third pillar of reinvention readiness. Keep all options open.