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Episode 170 – reinvention readiness

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Reinvention readiness

Are you ready for a change? In order to make it a change that lasts you need to be reinvention ready! We’ll spend this month laying out the four pillars of reinvention readiness. You can use these pillars and ask yourself if you have what it takes to make the necessary changes to yourself and/or your organization.




“Are you ready for change?” (0:53)


Characteristics of reinvention readiness:

  • (2:03) Flexible.
  • (3:27) Curious; lean in.
  • (8:50) Confidence.
  • (9:44) Desire.


Tip of the Week

Desire is the first pillar of reinvention readiness. You have to really want to change if you’re going to be successful.



Episode 169 – the fundamentals of move

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We end our focus on the fundamentals of move and the value of storytelling with a great discussion between Mike Bills and Jodi Schafer. We learned from our month’s guests the value of storytelling to move ideas forward. We also learn the value of connecting with others emotionally using shared experiences and values.




“At the core it’s about connecting with people on a very real level.” (1:49)



  • (1:17, 1:30) Back to basics.
  • (2:34) Multidimensional storytelling.
  • (9:03) Be unique and fluid.


Tip of the Week

Approach customers and stakeholders with “what do you need?” rather than “this is what I do.”



Episode 168 – Cornetta Lane – building a new story

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Cornetta suffered a tragedy not so long ago by losing her father and found out about the details on the evening news. She needed to process her grief and took the opportunity to share her father’s story through the secret society of twisted storytellers. Cornetta found that process to be so cathartic that she has dedicated her career to helping others to tell their stories. Listen as Mike talks to Cornetta about storytelling helps heal and the value telling your own story.




“(Storytelling) It was impactful to me.” (12:58)


“It didn’t exist so I created it.” (18:18)



  • (11:08) Transferring the value of storytelling.
  • (11:40) Storytelling to connect neighborhoods.
  • (12:56) The why.


Tip of the Week

Look for what you share in common when communicating. You get much further when you make that connection.



Episode 167 – Eric Thomas – using stories to move forward

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Eric Thomas is a story teller. He’s been one all his life. Now, he uses his unique skills to help is clients tell their stories. Listen this week as Mike gets Eric’s unique perspective on how to move your cause forward through emotional connections.




“Storytelling saved my life.” (3:43)


“Remember that we are people. (11:17)



  • (3:32) The power of storytelling.
  • (5:44) The formula.
  • (15:47) Shifting the company culture.


Tip of the Week

Effective leaders tap into emotions to move ideas forward.



Episode 166 – motivate to move

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Mike talks with this month’s co-host, PureReinvention’s very own Jodi Schafer, owner, HRM Services, Inc. Mike and Jodi discuss how Jodi is moving her company forward as well as discuss the March line up of interviews that we have in store for you.




“Knowing what you want to do and then having the courage to do it is really where the fruit starts to comes to life.” (1:08)



  • (1:14) Key elements of move.
  • (3:14) Have a measure of courage.
  • (5:53) Expecting growth to take place.


Tip of the Week

Knowing what you want is only part of the equation. It’s the courage to move that idea forward that makes the success.