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Episode 159 – the Impression 5 case study, part 1

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The Impression 5 Science Center in Lansing, Michigan has seen a tremendous turnaround over the last few years under the leadership of Noah Smith. Listen as Mike and Noah discuss how I5’s board applied the PureReinvention fundamentals to position the organization into the growth phase that it has enjoyed in recent years.



“People were actually ready for a change … but there was nobody who was willing to spark it.” (7:00)


“I want to do this. Train me.” (16:18)




  • (5:33) Disruption is an option.
  • (11:38) Demonstration of ownership.
  • (14:45) The brain trust parallels with mutual mentorship.


Tip of the Week

Moving from “wouldn’t it be nice” to “let’s do it” is the key to any success story.


Episode 158 – the Compuware relocation story

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While we were interviewing Marlin Williams, we discovered that she was responsible for key elements of the Compuware move to downtown Detroit from Farmington Hills in 2003. The story was fascinating to us and we decided to dedicate an episode to this part of Marlin’s story.



“How do you cast a wider net?” (6:17)


“I wasn’t afraid to ask.” (15:56)




  • (5:35) Making the move from suburbia.
  • (8:03) Shifting the corporate culture.
  • (13:24) A personal journey of continuous improvement.


Tip of the Week

Own your fear.


Episode 157 – what’s next?

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What's next for PureReinvention in 2018


Happy New Year! We are starting 2018 off with a peek into what’s next for PureReinvention. Are you reinvention ready? We have some great offerings (including this podcast) for those who are committed to the reinvention journey.



“What’s next? … I’m looking for something that’s really going to stimulate me in a new way.” (4:35)


“It’s important for high functioning executives to get their hands dirty. Roll up your sleeves and actually solve the problem that you’re talking about.” (5:48)



  • (1:58) Stepping into the move fundamental.
  • (2:56) Connect: Detroit, a nontraditional executive leadership experience.
  • (4:48) The value add with an experiential learning experience.
  • (8:51) Are you ready to move with Connect: Detroit?

Tip of the Week

Now is the time to determine what is next for you.


Episode 156 – the STARTERS experience

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The STARTERS Experience - Detroit Michigan



We wrap up 2017 with a bang! Listen to Mike and co-host Lauren Snyder, marketing and communications specialist for American Hort, discuss Lauren’s experience in the October STARTERS program. Lauren shares with us her takeaways and how she’s using PureReinvention to move forward.



“Evolution beyond PowerPoint.” (2:11)


“From the get-go, we were disrupted in our normal paradigms of what to expect.” (3:37)



  • (4:06) Blank space.
  • (5:53) The unique difference.
  • (7:52) A sustainable learning experience.


Tip of the Week

Commit to going outside of your comfort zone more in 2018.


Episode 155 – Dr. Gerry Roston – connecting mutual value

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Dr. Gerry Roston brings an impressive resume to TechTown Detroit. He was on the Mars rover team and helped develop technologies which are making self-driving cars possible. He now brings his wealth of knowledge and connections to help TechTown Detroit excel in connecting ideas to the marketplace. Listen this week as we explore the value of connecting ideas to those we serve.



“Go to the marketplace first, try to find what pain your potential customers are having to make sure what you want to develop meets their needs.” (7:06)


“Getting people connected to the right resources is critically important.” (11:42)


“Tell me about a day in your life. Where do you struggle?” (13:15)



  • (5:35, 12:29) Customer discovery.
  • (13:06) Learning to pivot.
  • (18:23) Provide actionable information.


Tip of the Week

Connecting to your customers to find their pain points is critical to your success.